A Day in the Life…

Dave Ayre, Performance Director at Media DNA, spends some time telling us more about the company and what he gets busy with in a typical week.

In one sentence, how would you describe what Media DNA does?

Media DNA (MDNA) is the sister company to Admedo. We’re a London-based adtech business, specialising in programmatic advertising. We help our advertiser and agency clients easily create and manage online advertising campaigns, with the most customisable options and complete transparency. Unlike other providers, MDNA offers programmatic on exclusively performance-based model.

What are the company’s unique selling points?

Both MDNA and Admedo have broken the barriers to adoption for mid-market advertisers and agencies. We’re committed to accessibility, customisation and transparency, and these have driven both our tech and commercial approach.

The big thing about MDNA though, is our focus on performance. Clients benefit from a risk-free approach, where we do the ad bidding up front, and let those clients take a percentage of the profits. We’ll advise on strategy, to ensure that the risk vs reward is feasible, but activity can be run exactly the way clients want it to.

Within the last six months/year, what stands out as the company’s major milestones?

In October 2015, we publically launched our brand at the PerformanceIN’s London conference, following ten months of developing the technology and fine tuning our targeting capabilities.

Last month, we publicly launched our own MDNA white label platform. So networks, agencies and advertisers can now acquire all the data we ourselves have access to, and get full control and transparency into the activity we’re running for them.

Then this month, we got shortlisted for two awards at the PerformanceIN Marketing Awards: Publisher Innovation and Best New Entrant – stay tuned to see if we win!

Where are you based?

We’re based at High Holborn, in the heart of London, but to be honest, I’m a bit of a nomad. You’ll often find me out-and-about, spending time with clients, or getting involved at events. No rest for the wicked!

What does your job actually entail?

I choreograph all of MDNA’s global performance activity, from client acquisition and retention to development of product and strategy for the business.

Okay, so take us through what you get up to on a typical working Monday.

It usually begins with my alarm clock getting a bit of abuse. My 20-minute commute to work then gives me enough time to absorb some caffeine in the form of a coffee, and come out of zombie-mode. (If you hadn’t guessed, I’m not a morning person.)

Monday morning is all about understanding our performance over the previous week, and planning for the one ahead. We kick off with a commercial meeting, reviewing live campaigns, and understanding where we’re at and what’s expected in the coming days. This is usually coupled with caffeine injection number 2!

Often, the rest of the day is full of client catch-ups – with live clients, clients in the process of implementation, or new ones – to ensure that everyone is happy and feeling like they’re seeing transparent results.

When that’s all wrapped up, our US team will be online, so I spend some time catching up with them before the commute home…and my Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1 catch up – in readiness for the second series launching on Netflix this month!

What makes you successful in your role?

My passion: passion goes a long way in this industry, as it’s the lynchpin to any successful interaction with prospects and clients. Be passionate about people’s objectives. By empathising wholeheartedly with their goals, both commercially and personally, you demonstrate your vested interest in their business and the partnership.

My peers: it’s so important that I listen to and learn from my peers. When I can look back and see the impact of their friendship or leadership on the success of the business, that’s when I know I’ve really made the most working with them.

Getting to know people: I mean, I really get to know people – the people I work with, the people I work for, the people who work for me, and the people who have supported my business or supplied services. It is a much quoted fact that the performance industry is all about relationships, and this is exactly how I roll with my clients – and my colleagues.

Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you?

I was once a contestant on ‘The Price is Right’. I won a loads of prizes, including a cocktail bar for the home, shaped like the front of a red American Cadillac!