Getting ready for the 2016 Performance Marketing Awards

As sponsors of the 10th Performance Marketing Awards, MDNA (an Admedo company) are eagerly anticipating the evening ahead. This is an event that always promises glitz and glamour, and a true celebration of everything that is great about the performance marketing industry.

What does it mean to be sponsoring the industry’s Performance Marketing Awards?

We felt it was important to sponsor this year’s awards, as performance marketing is currently one of the fastest evolving channels. MDNA and Admedo are at the forefront of this evolution; true performance led marketing is integral to our business strategy, and at the heart of everything we do – and it’s something close to my own heart. We are committed to performance marketing, and invest heavily in our ability to succeed in this area. As one of the world’s leading DSPs, we felt it was important to sponsor the Network Innovation category, both to demonstrate publicly our commitment to the industry, and to mark the innovation that exists within it.

Are there any particular areas that you’re eager to see awarded tonight? 

As we’re shortlisted for two awards ourselves, we’re obviously keen to win both. But overall, I really want innovation to be recognised. The industry often gets overlooked in the wider picture, and yet some of the work I’ve seen over the last 12 months or so has truly challenged misconceptions of us being a last-click-only channel. I’d like to see a big deal made about the hard work that has gone into bringing more innovative products and ideas to the table.

This is the tenth anniversary, a landmark moment for the awards – how far do you think the performance marketing industry has come in that time? 

Scarily, the tenth anniversary of the awards made me realise that I have attended every single one since the very beginning, in 2007! That really made me feel my age, but it also encouraged me to have a look back at previous winners. The awards in 2007 saw only 14 awards, compared to 30 this year, and that was dominated by network and agency wins. Over the years, the amount of new businesses coming into the mix has opened up the channel, and the range of opportunities available to advertisers makes the performance marketing industry a truly diverse space to work in. As we continue to witness year on year growth in the channel, it will be fascinating to see what the next 10 years bring!

I want to thank all the individuals who are joining us on our table for the evening:

Affiliate Window
Affiliate Future
Global Wide Media

All of you have been integral in our success so far, and are shaping our future, so I am looking forward to celebrating the evening with each of you, and everyone else who is attending!

Happy Anniversary Performance Marketing Awards! We can’t wait to be there later this evening!